New barcode to be introduced

GS1 DataBar is a new bar code that can deliver enhanced product identification at retail point-of-sale POS). GS1 DataBar is currently being trialled and implemented by retailers and manufacturers throughout the world,  It can be used on small or hard-to-mark consumer products that could not previously be identified by bar codes or to carry more information than the current GS1 retail POS bar codes allow.  By carrying more data GS1 DataBar allows greater information to be carried on a retail POS bar code such as weights, expiry dates, batch numbers, serial numbers etc. GS1 DataBar joins the existing GS1 family of bar codes and is not a replacement for any current bar code; it is a new option that provides new opportunities. 

It is therefore important that When purchasing new scanning equipment, retailers should ensure it is GS1 DataBar compatible to ensure you are ready for the target date of 2014.