Allergen Management Software

UK law has listed 14 allergens that need to be identified if they are used as ingredients in a dish.  This means all food businesses will need to provide information about the allergenic ingredients used in foods sold or provided by them.  Customers use the information you provide about the allergenic ingredients in the dishes you offer, to make the final decision on whether or not to buy and eat the food you provide.

FMS Allergen Management Software is a simple to use tool that enables FBOs to help ensure that the information provided is correct and consistent, and that the allergen information is kept up to date and accurate.  It also aids in the communication of allergen information to the consumer.

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How can FMS Allergen Software help…

  • FMS Allergen management is able to produce Product Assembly guides to ensure that your kitchen staff use the same recipes every time.
  • Keep a copy of the ingredient source information by either importing a copy of the original specification or importing a photo of the original ingredient label, which can then be used to help trace back to the source of your information.
  • Help to ensure that the allergen information is kept up to date (for example, if recipes are changed or products substituted), information can be date stamped to show the date of the original specification, the date it was entered into the software and by whom.  Reporting facilities then allow you to find potentially outdated specifications based these dates.
  • Make sure that if any ingredients records are updated, these flush through to all the products that use that ingredient and that the allergens are reported correctly.
  • Produce Allergen menu folders that contain product specification sheets or ingredient specification sheets.
  • Run enquiries on a specific allergen to show which products it is present/not present in.

FMS Allergen Management Software will actually do a lot more for you, you can for instance set up “Suitable for” categories and report on which products are suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans, Celiacs and certified Kosher, Halal etc.  It is also able to carry warnings about your products, if for instance, a fish ingredient in a product has the warning “Caution may contain small pieces of bone”, then that warning is carried through to the product. It has the ability to calculate nutrition values for your product and provide product costings.
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