Cloud Labelling

Food Management Systems online food labelling is a cloud-based labelling solution that allows for multiple sites to access a central database.  It works on all devices that have a web browser and does not require any software to be installed onto the host machine, making it a versatile, use anywhere solution.  The software incorporates many of the features of the desktop system but with particular emphasis placed on the ease of operation and friendly interface, ensuring that it can be used by just about anyone in any environment.

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Ideally suited to FBOs that have multiple sites where food labels need to be produced locally or where software cannot be installed.  Head Office can centrally control products that are then visible to all sites, thus ensuring all information is consistent, correct and current.  Additionally, each site may if required create their own products which are not visible to the other sites.

The software has a comprehensive on-screen label designer where templates may be created for use with any size label.  It is capable of printing nutrition panels, listing the ingredients in the correct format and automatically highlighting the allergens in bold, as well printing EAN13 barcodes.  Text may be rotated and set to ‘stretch to fit’ to greatly enhance the look of products and provide the consumer with an informed choice.

It can be used to produce simple food labels, fully compliant food labels or front of shelf labels.

Creating, editing and printing labels could not be easier.