Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is gaining popularity and over the last few years has changed the way in
which many Businesses trade with each other.  EDI allows orders and Invoices to be sent and received electronically saving time, reducing mistakes and improving efficiency.  FMS software can work with the vast majority of EDI providers allowing our Clients to benefit from the extra business this brings and allowing them to maintain existing business.  Popular providers we work with include Caternet, Procure Wizard, RBS e-invoicing, Fourth Hospitality/Trade Simple, Wax Digital, Epsys, Advance First, Pelican Procurement and Blue Jay.  We work with our clients to ensure that if they are requested by their Customer to trade via EDI, they have the tools to be able to do so.


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FMS Web Ordering

FMS Web Ordering is an online portal that you can link to your website, whereby your Customers are able to login securely to place orders.  FMS is then able to download these straight into the system and email receipts to your clients.  The look and feel of the portal can be in your corporate image with your logo.  Your customers are provided with unique log in credentials and are then only able to order products you allow them to, and only until the cutoff time you specify.

FMS Web Ordering Greatly speeds up the time taken to enter orders and reduces the amount of mistakes that may occur from manual entry.  Once downloaded into the FMS Sales Order Processing Module you can then process the orders simply by clicking buttons and in the process producing picking lists, delivery notes, production lists etc.


Booking-In App

The FMS booking-In APP runs on a Windows tablet and allows operators to book goods onto site using a touch screen device connected to the internal network by Wi-Fi.  It can record the delivery date and time, Van temperatures (if applicable), allocate batch numbers and record shortages or unaccepted goods.  It runs in conjunction with our Purchase Order Processing module.  It then updates the main FMS system in real time adjusting stock levels if the optional Stock control module is installed.  The booking-In App greatly reduces the time taken to receive goods and minimises errors.

Stand alone print unit

The FMS Print module runs on a Windows tablet which allows the operator to print food labels using a touchscreen device.  Ideal for clean room environments and areas where it isn’t practical to put a PC, but where there is still a need to print labels.  Easy to use “labels on demand” solution.

3rd Party integration

Whether you need FMS to link to specialist pieces of equipment or integrate with other software systems we have the experience and expertise to help.  The chances are that we have already done it for someone else.  We work with a large number of hardware suppliers and manufacturers, particularly in print and apply applications, Continuous Inkjet printing (directly on packaging), printing onto flow-wrap and full colour in-house printing applications.

Linking to 3rd party software applications and web services is also an area we can help with, whether it be dynamic through a web server and accessed via http/API calls or whether through (s)ftp(s) with an exported file, we are comfortable with being able to provide a workable solution.

FMS can integrate with several commercial accounts packages including Sage and Xero, where transactional data created in FMS is automatically fed to the Sales/Purchase ledger of your choice.

Additionally FMS can export data and reports to Excel; as well as import from Excel, most reports can be emailed using your default mail client (MAPI compatible) or using SMTP.  Report output can be created as PDF’s or in many other different file type outputs including; CSV, HTML and XML.


We recognise that no two businesses are exactly the same and that our products need to be adaptable and flexible to work the way you want them to.  Many of the new facilities in our software are often the result of a Customer request, and within reason, we are usually happy to consider program changes if these benefit our Customers or improve our products.

Most of the reports in FMS can be designed to the unique requirements each of our Customers demand, including invoice layouts, delivery notes and Specification reports.  Different users can have their own log in credentials so that they are only allowed to access those parts of the system they are authorised to use.