Food Labelling Software

Food Management Systems food labelling software has been in widespread use within the UK food industry for over 20 years, helping Food Business Operators to comply with the ever demanding legislation and guidelines governing EU food labelling. With over 200 installed sites in the UK, EU and Australia our Customers range from owner operators to large multi-nationals.

It is used by a wide selection of FBOs in various sectors of the market; including bakers, sandwich producers, Food to go outlets and production kitchens.  We have led the market with innovative and clever solutions that allow our Customers to produce great looking labels, stay compliant, pass external audits and win new tenders.  Continued investment and development coupled with Customer feedback ensures that updates and enhancements are regularly available.

Our expertise and experience ensure that FMS Labelling not only conforms to current legislation but is ready for proposed changes.  We work closely with trade organisations and enforcing agencies and have a large number of resources to call upon to meet our Customers needs and answer their questions.

The software can be used on a single PC or networked to provide an enterprise-wide solution enabling different departments such as Technical, Quality Assurance, Compliance and Management Accounting their own specific tools.

Customer reviews suggest FMS Food labelling is extremely easy to use, has comprehensive features and probably the best on-screen food label designer on the market today.

Our Food Labelling Software

Automatically calculate and draw nutrition panels

FMS Food Labelling Software will calculate the nutritional values for your products and allow you to easily draw a nutrition panel on your label, automatically selecting the legally required nutrients and displaying either the per 100g or per pack values (or both together).  The panels can be formatted, sized and rotated to suit your label. Alternatively, the nutrients can be drawn paragraph style where space on the label is at a premium.

Additionally, the panels may be drawn to automatically include %RI recommendations and colour coded accordingly.  Front of Pack lozenges for Energy, Fat, Saturates, Sugars and Salt may also be easily placed on the label.

Cooked food Nutrient calculations are available where the products are going through a cooking process, particularly useful for Bakers.

Automatically build Ingredients Listings (Composition)

Automatically create a list of ingredients contained within your product based on the recipe entered.  Easily place the composition on your label conforming to the legal requirement, so that the ingredients are listed in the correct order, the quantitative Ingredients Declaration where applicable are shown, the allergens are highlighted and the allergen declaration added at the end.

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Print Labels

Print to roll or laser sheet labels using any printer that has a Windows printer driver.  Labels can be configured to print in full colour or black and white and each product can have up to 2 different labels (fronts and backs).  Either print one product at a time, or in multi-product print queues, where large amounts of labels may be printed without constant user intervention.

A separate print module is available which has been designed to be used on a touchscreen in the print room so that it is suitable for “Clean” environments.

FMS Food Labelling Software has been designed to work with third-party hardware suppliers, particularly in print and apply applications, printing to flow wrap and where information is required to be sprayed directly onto sandwich wedges using Continuous Inkjet printers.

Print Reports and make enquiries

Food Management Systems Food Labelling Software has comprehensive reporting facilities, each of which can be custom designed to suit each of our Customers unique requirements.

Various product specification reports may be produced that can aid during audits, be sent when tendering for business and for ensuring data is current and correct.

Enquiry screens allow users to quickly and easily determine which products contain a particular ingredient and what contributes to the “high” ratings for fat and sugars in a products recipe.  Quickly and easily find out which products or ingredients contain a particular allergen and which products have warnings, such as “May contain small pieces of Bone”. You are also able to easily find which products are “Suitable for”; Halal, Vegetarians, Vegans, Kosher etc.

Product costing reports show the cost of the various food components, the packaging costs and any labour costs attributed to the product in question.


Print Barcodes

The ability to choose from over 50 different barcode standards including the most popular used in the food industry.  Two different barcodes can be attached to each product and “Customer” barcodes may be included onto container labels to help with distribution.

QR codes can be created to enable links to websites for marketing and promotional purposes.