Food Management Systems Software

Food Management Systems is a suite of software that provides an enterprise wide solution for managing any Food Business.  Ideally suited for Food Factories, Production Kitchens, Bakeries and Distributors, it can manage a wide variety of daily tasks to save time, improve procedures and practices and save on labour costs. Comprising of Labelling, Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing and Stock Control, FMS builds into a one stop solution.

It is designed to grow as needs demand and is used by a large number of FBOs ranging from small independents to large multiples.  Each module is designed to perform a specific role in the business and the modules can be bolted together to create one seamless system.  Data is held in a single source negating the need to maintain several different databases with duplicate data, it can be run as a standalone system or in a multi-user/server environment.

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Sales Order Processing

Simply entering an order produces production lists and materials requirements reports, prints labels, generates delivery notes and picking lists, creates invoices and updates accounts.  There are many ways in which orders can be entered easily, quickly and accurately using a variety of different technologies;

  • EDI
  • Orders entered via a website
  • Standing orders
  • Repeat orders
  • Orders imported from Excel spreadsheets
  • Manual order entry (grid based or by line)
  • CSV order imports
  • Custom links to Customer own systems


Easily find missing orders; check to see if all the orders you are expecting for a particular day have been received.  Quickly check a Customer’s order history, setup call scheduling and telesales operations.  Email order confirmations.  Search and replace within orders for product substitutions if required.  Easily add charges or apply discounts and add special delivery instructions.

Once the orders are received, production schedules and production lists can be produced.  These may be created by production line and/or batch, consolidated, grouped by product type and listed in the order you determine.  Simply choose the method that best suits your production methods and print using one of the many varied and comprehensive formats available.  Prep, pre-production and Material Requirement Reports are available to ensure that you have all the items ready for main production, including any prerequisite mixes and packaging, together with the amounts (including yields).  If product packaging needs to be printed then FMS will build lists that correspond to production, which can then be printed using one of the many different printing techniques available.

Vans, routes and runs may be set up, which the system will use to automatically add the drops for any given day.  Picking lists, Delivery notes and delivery container labels may be produced and printed.

If you have a problem with a particular ingredient or product, FMS can quickly find what products or packs are affected, how many were distributed within a date range and who received them.

Grouping many different delivery points to a single invoice point, setting up invoice periods for different Customers, producing consolidated invoices and creating credit notes helps to ensure that once the products are delivered, invoices are produced on time with minimal effort – they can even be emailed straight from the system.

Managing the business is made easy using the comprehensive reporting features in FMS software.

  • Material usage reports
  • Costing reports
  • Profit reports
  • Turnover reports
  • Sales reports
  • Service level reports
  • Comparison reports
  • Analysis reports

Purchase Order Processing

Customise purchase orders to reflect your brand and email them straight to your supplier, using your own and/or your suppliers’ item codes.  Suppliers may be set up with their own stock sheets to make purchase ordering simple and fast.  Set up preferred supplier lists and allocate prices at the agreed rate, if price changes do occur these can be automatically flushed through the system to ensure that all your costings are current and correct.  Food and non-food items can be purchased and automatically added to stock when received if the Stock Control module is installed.
On delivery, goods receiving have booking-in screens where goods are booked onto premises.  This allows for things like van temperatures, shortages and refused items to be entered together with the amounts actually received to be entered into the system.  Supplier invoices can then be reconciled against booked-in orders before updating accounts.

There are many reports that can be produced from FMS Purchase Order Processing, including; showing actual prices paid, average prices across suppliers, supplier history, trends and non-accepted items amongst others.

Stock Control

Performing regular stock takes and allowing the system to calculate theoretical levels from sales and purchases allows FBOs to keep tight control on costs and run a just in time policy.

Drill down from history to show any discrepancies between actual usage compared to theoretical, run stock valuations, perform stock writes offs and record the reason why, run stock forecasting reports to show the projected “days remaining” and enquire on the current stock level of various items.